World Join Women Voices on In Welcoming our new General Manager & Host of Haiti On Demand Ms. Rebecca Azor

Power 102.Net: Press Release – Haiti On Demand. Atlanta, September 17, 2019: World Join Women Voices on In Welcoming our new General Manager & Host of Haiti On Demand Ms. Rebecca Azor.

Rebecca Azor is a 29-year-old, rising star in political journalism. As a millennial multimedia journalist with a huge personality, she attracts a multicultural audience. She is known for speaking truth to power on the political digital news show, Like It Or Not, where she co-hosts alongside political commentator, Benjamin Dixon. Rebecca prides herself on staying true to who she is, a Haitian-American woman and a “proud product of immigrants”. Women’s rights, immigrant rights, and especially issues dealing with race have been her focus. Her work to date has garnered over 10 million views and counting. Many of her viral videos surround the topic of racism against black people. And although very controversial at times, Rebecca isn’t afraid to go there.

Aside from politics, these talented journalist most passionate topics are about uplifting the Haitian Culture today, Lifestyle and Fashion.

She was proud to serve as the media manager and part founder of the nonprofit organization ‘Young Atlanta Haitians” (YAH). YAH is a Haitian-American based millennial social organization that strives on keeping the Haitian Culture alive in Atlanta while aiming to connect with other different Haitian organizations to promote unity.

Rebecca holds a B.S in Broadcast Journalism from Florida A&M University and an M.A. in New Media Journalism.

“We are pleased that Ms Rebecca Azor is joining #TeamPower102; #HOD” says Mr. Chenet Nerette, Executive Director of Radio Continentale. “Rebecca will play a critical role in helping to build our audience Coast to Coast over the Social Networks; coordinating; planning events; those experiences and relationships will be even more important as we focus on continuing to help our community and grow our brand of Haiti On Demand across the world. Rebecca will be a tremendous asset to Haiti On Demand and Power102.Net.”

Haiti On Demand understands the industry has never given artists, musician, film makers and industry professionals the credit they deserve. Haitian entertainers have always played the back.
Haiti On Demand features news stories, short clips, entertainment pieces, and even movies on our platform twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We support independent film makers and their endeavors, and we believe in their vision.
Haiti On Demand strives to serve the Haitian community worldwide. We rely on our tested streaming capabilities, experienced marketing, and co-promotions with businesses we trust, and who we’ve had years of a solid, cohesive working relationship with. We see the vision of all our partners, film makers, and behind-the-scenes professionals who help make Haiti…On Demand!

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