Chenet Nerette
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Chenet Nerette has worked in the field of Healthcare Information System Management, Administration and System Implementation for 14 years. Nerette holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology and is pursuing a degree in Broadcasting.

He is a community outreach worker who has been serving his community for the past 10 (ten) years. In that capacity, he has worked as a state liaison with local law enforcement, schools and community organization.

Chenet Nerette is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Radio Continentale – Power 102.1 FM Boston, MA, and Atlanta, GA. Nerette also hosts the Rhythm Bat from Monday through Friday 10 am – 2 pm.

One of his greatest projects was the organization of the Miss Black Beauty International Pageant in Boston under the Leadership of CEO Laurette Midy, which had as its primary goal, the reinforcement of black women as role models and examples of grace, hard work and dedication to the community. Nerette has hosted many huge events in the community. His latest event is hosting every night on a 7-day cruise “Kompa at Sea” aboard the Oasis of the Seas with one of Haiti’s most popular bands, T-Vice.

Chenet Nerette is also engaged in the management of young talented artists in the community. He has been coaching, promoting and networking potential artists to perform and showcase their talents in various events in the community here and abroad. Nerette has covered and broadcasted events such as 2012 Carnaval in Aux Cayes, Haiti, Carnaval des Fleurs, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and Caribbean Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. Chenet was invited to cover the President of Haiti’s second year celebration in office.

Chenet Nerette was featured in Haiti Times as one of the seven (7) Haitian radio personalities who are changing the game of radio broadcasting doing a combination of radio and social network together with another host of his studios.


Chenet Nerette – Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder/Host
Info: (617) 785-6928


Rebecca Azor
B.S in Broadcast & M.A. in New Media Journalism.

Ms Rebecca Azor is a 29-year-old, rising star in political journalism. As a millennial multimedia journalist with a huge personality, she attracts a multicultural audience. She is known for speaking truth to power on the political digital news show, Like It Or Not, where she co-hosts alongside political commentator, Benjamin Dixon. Rebecca prides herself on staying true to who she is, a Haitian-American woman and a “proud product of immigrants”. Women’s rights, immigrant rights, and especially issues dealing with race have been her focus. Her work to date has garnered over 10 million views and counting. Many of her viral videos surround the topic of racism against black people. And although very controversial at times, Rebecca isn’t afraid to go there.

Aside from politics, these talented journalist most passionate topics are about uplifting the Haitian Culture today, Lifestyle and Fashion.

She was proud to serve as the media manager and part founder of the nonprofit organization ‘Young Atlanta Haitians” (YAH). YAH is a Haitian-American based millennial social organization that strives on keeping the Haitian Culture alive in Atlanta while aiming to connect with other different Haitian organizations to promote unity.

Rebecca holds a B.S in Broadcast Journalism from Florida A&M University and an M.A. in New Media Journalism.

Ms Jasmire Gaetan

While pursuing a long career in broadcasting as a radio presenter and programmer, Jasmire Gaétan is currently completing a Bachelors es Art Degree specialized in Psychology at the University of Ottawa, ON, Canada.

As director of Edition de la SORHICA since 2004, a publishing house attached to the Antillean Historical Cultural Research Society, founded in 1999 in Montreal, QC, by historian Gérard D. Montès, and dedicated to the promotion of Creole culture ( Ex: edition of history books, publishing and distribution of didactic materials for learning Creole, Haitian Creole workshop), the fields of research such as Communication, Cultures / multiculturalism/ethnicity, Black history, social sciences and human sciences, are at the center of her interests.

As part of the activities of MOI-AUSSI- Magic Massage Mobile, an Ontario PE of which she is the manager, and which offers botanical products (Ex: MItou/Me2-PSA Formula) and personalized services in wellness massage and beauty of the hair mainly, she also consider herself as an independent researcher in the field of hair care and natural health in general.

Radio Network affiliation: Power102.1fm

Pascale Delaunay
Sakpase California
Yvon Chery
Montreal Canada Host / Rep
Dwardy Franck
Assistant Co-Owner Asst. Director