Power102.Net A night of exposition of Arts and photos at The Consulate General of Haiti in Atlanta.

Power102.Net A night of exposition of Arts and photos at The Consulate General of Haiti in Atlanta.
On Friday, August 23rd, the Haitian community of Georgia joined together at the Consulate General of Haiti in Atlanta. The Consulate’s new leader, Ms. Roudelyne Nogar Jean, organized the evening’s exposition of arts and photos.

The attendees included local Haitian organization representatives from HANA, HYRO, Haitian Alliance, The International Women of Hope, Religious Leaders, and Haitian business owners. President of the Georgia Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce, Suarel Quettan, was also in attendance.

It was a big night for Haitians in Georgia to come together, mingle and network while snacking on Haitian appetizers. However, it was the purpose of the event that took precedence.
Jean and her team created the event to aid in mobilizing the community. She highlighted the organization “Faces of Haiti” (FOH) which promotes positive visuals of Haiti through arts and photos. Samuel Dameus, creator of FOH curated his photos to show the people and the culture of Haiti. He stressed that each photo had a story behind it.

Dameus explained that through his work, he wanted to display something positive and authentic. Something beyond the negative or one-sided perception of “mainstream media and Google”. During the panel discussion, he went on to say that the Haitian Diaspora is the key to helping change the narrative of how America views Haiti. He also urged everyone to visit Haiti.
“You have to experience Haiti for yourself.  If you don’t experience it how can you help change the perception,” he asked.

Pastor Brave Laverdure, was also one of the speakers for the evening. He focused on the importance for parents not to succumb to the idea that Haiti is dangerous and to never go back. Laverdure recalled how he brought his own children to Haiti and they were amazed at how beautiful the country was as opposed to what they had seen or heard.

During the panel discussion, attendees were permitted to ask questions. The millennials through their comments and concerns showed their desire to visit, learn and invest in the country.
“Yes the children are the future of Haiti, but the we are the present,” Dameus added.
Before the end of the night, Honorable Roudelyne N. Jean presented an overview of her mandate as the new leader of the consulate. As part of a greater plan to regenerate the institution, Jean intends to administer a policy of proximity services, create activities to promote and encourage the use of the Creole language, and also develop partnerships with firms and associations of lawyers specialised in migration.

To find out more about the Haitian consulate in Atlanta, visit https://www.consulate-info.com/consulate/25824/Haiti-in-Atlanta and to find out more about “Faces Of Haiti”, visit their social media page: @facesofHaiti. @Power102.Net

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